About Funsoft

Funsoft Mobindo Indonesia (Funsoft) is a start-up company focusing as Applications (Apps) developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2017, our goal is to make mobile applications and its’ ecosystem platform around cultural theme. We strive to spread cultural values while not leaving entertainment behind. Our parent company is Jinke Culture, a company based in Hangzhou, China. Further strengthening company position in IT industry, Jinke Culture decided to buy “Talking Tom” for 1 Billion USD. This is considered one of the biggest take-over in mobile gaming industry.

Jinke Culture Industry is a state-level high-tech enterprise (stock code: 300459). On the basis of aggregating large flows, the company relies on big data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies to produce, distribute, and operate cultural content, and develop children’s education on the internet. At present, the company has subsidiaries or offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Vision and Mission

Is to be the most impactful & inspiring organization that empowers and transforms peoples’ lives through leveraged culture. We leverage education, games, music, movies, opera, theater, paintings, photography, books and other expressions of arts & culture through technology.



GURITA offers and provides educational contents in downloadable audio digital versions.


KAMUS (Kajian Muslim) provides insights and knowledge on Islam comprehensively.